In a rapidly changing socioeconomic and business climate, nonprofit board leadership is being challenged to reassess the way it has traditionally governed.  Change, flexibility and adaptability are knocking at the boardroom doors with an invitation to consider strategies for expanding capacity and increasing board member engagement.  When boards take a fresh view of the culture by which they oversee corporate affairs, they may be shocked to learn of outmoded approaches to deliberations and making decisions. 

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The Metaphysics of Shoes is a collection of 12 short stories each centers around a type of shoe.  The stories have a deeper meaning that will inspire the reader to examine life lessons designed to empower, uplift and heal experiences that shape our attitudes toward life.  Enbedded in these stories are topics of personal faith, strength, wisdom, love and more.  

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Pray Up Your LIfe is a guidebook for anyone seeking to enhance their prayer experience.  In this easy to use format, readers have access to unlock tried and proven prayer techniques that have been use for centuries.  You'll find practical application instruction on 50 different prayer practices on topics ranging from: how to do your own house blessing, keeping a prayer journal, forgiveness, letting go of the past when its time to move on, expanding your prosperity consciousness, improving your relationships and more.  $19.99

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In The Power of One Accord, Charline puts on her Board Consultant hat.  With over 30 years of experience working with Boards and 20 plus years as a Spiritual leader, she to focuses on Boards of faith-based organizations.  She reveals why and how they can work together in harmony for the greater good of the organization even through difficult decisions and challenging times.  The Spirit-led board that she speaks about  can be a time of spiritual growth and development of all those who have been called to sit at the table of leadership in a spiritually-missioned organization.  Paperback 15.99  Kindle $7.99

Peter Pup is a curious little puppy so when he decides to investigate the puzzling actions of his boy, this curious and somewhat mischievous puppy encourages his best friend Jake to join him in solving the mystery.  Appropriate for all ages especially ages 4 to 11 as well as puppy lovers.  

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​This is a companion workbook to Pray Up Your Life.  In this workbook there are exercises to complement the prayer practices in Pray Up Your Life.  Some of the exercises involve personal reflection, visualization, contemplation, self-inquiry and additional prayer formats and more.  This workbook is best used with Pray Up Your Life.  

Paperback $11.99