Charline E. Manuel

While serving on, and working with nonprofits boards for over thirty years, I discovered some of the key challenges that faith-based and nonprofit boards face.  As a result, I developed a passion for helping boards be their best, while working to meet the mission of their organizations. I'm committed to working with boards who strive to join good governance with mission centered values founded on peace and harmony to make a great difference in the communities they love and serve.  If I can support you, your nonprofit or faith-based organization, your board, on a journey of empowerment, it would be my joy to connect with you. 

Signature book for Nonprofit organizations:  Boardroom Culture Shock: 7 Strategies to Amplify the Competence and Capacity of Board Culture

​​​Signature book for faith-based organizations: The Power of One Accord:  7 Spiritual Keys to Harness Synergy in the Boardroom​

Signature book in this initiative:

Do Puppies Pray?

​​​Getting to One Accord as a Board may be the greatest work facing the

members who sit around the boardroom table.  

We're committed to presenting and participating in programs that give children tools for living confidently in their community and in the world. We support values of family, kindness, community, compassion toward others and the ideals that will allow the generations to come to make choices for peaceful co-habitation of all people on the planet.

We love to work with organizations that lift children and youth through community development programs such as summer camps, after school programs, literacy, leadership development.. 


​​One of the critical issues facing non-profit Boards is the need for greater understanding regarding their roles and responsibilities.  Crucial to running a faith-based board is operating from the knowledge of their true value to the organization.  When we add the spiritual principles that set faith-based organizations apart from for-profit boards we get to use and enjoy the gifts of serving on a Spirit-led board.

Our Training and Enrichment programs can be customized for a single board or more broad based so that several boards or ministry leaders may participate in a joint workshop, seminar or retreat.  One Accord Board Programs and Initiatives include:

  • Board Self-Assessment
  • Board Education and Training in workshop, seminar or retreat format
  • Board Enrichment in workshop or retreat setting
  • Board Capacity Building for growth and expanding resources 
  • Developing Streams of income
  • Community Development for youth programs
  • and more.

Other Programs topics:

> Striving for Diversity and Inclusion on the Board

>Board Relationship Building

>Inclusive Leadership Initiatives and Strategies